These mortgages are still available in the current market place with many of our lenders offering this type of facility.

Guarantor Mortgages

Guarantor mortgages have become increasingly popular in the last few years and Parkway Financial solutions have access to a wide range of options and alternative. We understand many first time buyers would like to explore the possibility of a guarantor mortgage. We also understand that the current options available are not always straight forward. This is why our approach is to provide impartial, easy to understand information on the wide range of guarantor mortgages currently available.

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Joint Mortgages – Parents and children buying together

  • This type of structure is still available by all lenders subject to the maximum number of applicants. Some lenders (Santander) will only accept a maximum of two applicants which doesn’t help a parent assisting their daughter and son in law. Other lenders will accept 4 applicants (Clydesdale Bank) allowing for this structure to take place.
  • Most lenders who accept more than 2 applicants will only take the income of the top two income earners into accounts when assessing affordability. NatWest however, will take 3 incomes into account when needed.
  • Where more than two applicants are needed this can slow down the application process as some lenders will only accept paper based applications (Nationwide).

Gifted Deposits

  • All lenders will accept a family gifted deposit although the terms and conditions surrounding the gift may change from lender to lender.
  • In the majority of cases a letter will need to be provided confirming that the gift is a gift (and not a loan) and that the parents have no recourse to the gifted amount and no charge on the property.
  • Most lenders will accept an unlimited gift from the parents without the need for the applicants to provide any of their own funds for deposit purposes. There are a few lenders (Aldemore) who will require a 5% deposit to come from the applicants own funds.
  • No lender that we are aware of will accept a loan from the parents to provide the applicants with a deposit.

Remortgaging own home to provide a deposit for children

  • All lenders will provide this service and allow capital raising for this purpose subject to meeting the lenders criteria including affordability, credit score etc.
  • The proceeds of this remortgage would then fall into the ‘gifted deposit’ scenario as explained above.
  • A remortgage, further advance or second charge would all be options available to the parents to release some equity. A second charge would be the last resort as generally these are much higher priced than a remortgage of further advance.
  • Subject to age and income this type of refinancing is pretty simple and straightforward. If your new mortgage ends before your 65th birthday all lenders will consider providing the funds. The number of lenders gets more restrictive if the term ends by your 70th birthday and is restricted even further if the mortgage tem ends between your 70 and 85th birthday.
  • If you are capital raising to provide a deposit the lower your loan to value the better and more competitive the interest rates are. Loans up to a maximum of 60% usually offer the most competitive deal and they get slightly more expensive the higher the loan to value gets in 5% levels. E.g. 65% is more expensive than 60%, 75% is more expensive than 70% and so on.
  • Remortgaging is a pretty cost effective route to explore as most lenders will offer a free valuation of your property and will offer free legal fees as part of the deal. (a potential saving of +-£1000 in fees).

Family Guarantee Mortgage

  • Available up to 100% of the purchase price (Aldemore)
  • Guarantors provide a guarantee secured against their own residential property therefore requiring no cash in the form of a deposit.
  • Maximum guarantee period is 10 years which means at the end of this period the charge against the property is released.
  • This structure is perfect for first or second time buyers who don’t have a big enough deposit but who have a parent or grandparent who is able and willing to provide a guarantee secured against their residential property.


Your Home (or property) may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage or any other debts secured on it.

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