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Thinking of Remortgaging?

Sticking with your current lender after your initial deal comes to an end may seem attractive if their SVR (Standard Variable Rate) is reasonable, but if you’re willing to take a little time to look for a better rate, remortgaging could save you a significant amount.

Fortunately, we make the process of finding the best remortgaging deals simple. We search for the most attractive rates amongst lenders across the UK. Not only do we find the lowest interest rates, but we also take into account the flexibility of each lender scheme being offered.

Our advice is always clear, impartial and based on the most up to date knowledge of the market place on a daily basis.

Our Best Remortgage Advice

Provided that you have built up a reasonable equity in your property over the course of your initial deal (many lenders will insist upon you having a minimum 20% equity before offering the best deals) looking around for an alternative to sticking with your current provider is always worthwhile.

Some of the best deals are dependent on you having more than the minimum equity on offer. However, often the strength of some lender schemes is their inherent flexibility that allows you to make underpayments when money is a little tight and overpayments when you have enough of a cash surplus.

There are many types of people in the UK who can benefit from such flexibility. For example, couples who are starting a family may want the security of knowing they can underpay on their mortgage in the face of new monthly expenditure. In addition, older people may want to be able to pay off their loan quicker in order to make their retirement debt-free.

Whatever your situation, we can offer the best remortgage advice that fits your finances and your future ambitions.

* The term ‘best’ is very restricted within the current regulated market place we operate in. For clarity we access our mortgage deals from a panel of lenders which is representative of the whole market

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Sticking with your current lender after your initial deal ends may seem attractive if their rate is reasonable, but if you take a little time to look for a better rate you could save a significant amount.
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